The Analysis of Processed Students Registration System

This investigation work was dole out on the analysis of a processed student’s registration system in schools of Education. The research worker developed four analysis queries that four analysis hypotheses were additionally drawn from the analysis queries and used for the study. A sixteen form item was structured and used because the instrument for knowledge assortment. the info collected through the employment of the form were analyzed mistreatment the applied math mean technique of study.
After the analysis of the info obtained from the form, the research worker came out with the subsequent findings; (a) The processed registration system create registration of scholars easier than the manual registration system. (b) The setup and management of scholars processed registration system is price effective. (c) employees and students cannot operate and manage the scholar processed registration system (d) The epileptic power provide in schools of education in African country don't support the appliance of pc primarily based system.
Conclusion, recommendations and suggestion for additional studies were additionally created to boost on utilization of processed registration system in establishment of learning and computerized student registration system in Colleges of Education. In most Nigerian schools of education, the method of registering students as members of the establishment is essentially among a awfully short amount of your time, Awhogure, E. S. (2014). the aim of registration method is to work out the standing of scholars in any given establishments and even be able to provides a primary info concerning any student in any given establishment.
From the student’s purpose of read, registration allows then to accumulate the mandatory membership of the school, and for them to get their course type. it's sometimes the case that students can register for a specific course, or module at constant time and therefore the info collected is employed by members of the teaching employees to construct listing etc. This task of registering the scholars is allotted to varied units/departments among the school of Education, the registration method begin from the scholars paying the stipulated quantity into appointed bank and collection a order of payment from the accepted bank.
The order of payment is then taken and tendered to the treasury unit wherever it'll be changed for a faculty receipt. the college receipt is successively taken to a distinct section of the treasury wherever students would be issued course forms. On provision in fact type, the scholars then take the forms to their varied colleges wherever they're signed or sealed. the ultimate stamping or linguistic communication takes place within the written account. though it's price mentioning here that as at 2006/2007 session, the course type wherever issued at admissions unit that was entirely to blame of provision of admission letters, registration numbers and screening students (Lindzianipar Journal, 2011).
The profound impact of the appliance of computers in establishment of upper learning can't be over stressed. pc is getting used to method student’s admission and registration likewise as their educational process or procedure. Besides that, the results of the scholar i.e. absolutely processed that makes it easier and faster to method. This doesn't stop here; the off payment is additionally being processed mistreatment pc.
However, it ought to be noted that any establishment of upper learning needs the services of principals, teacher, librarians, lecturer, bursars, registration provosts, rectors, administrator and a number of classes of per economical and effective operation. it's the leadership qualities plus educational conquests of those principal offices which will integrate the facility of computing with student data system and order to supply of quicker dynamic and economical of the event.